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Understanding financial information is one of the key challenges facing elected officials in Aboriginal communities. Elected officials are an important element of the financial governance of any Nation. They must understand and interpret financial reports and information to make key decisions with significant impact on their communities. The workshop focuses on 1) building financial literacy and 2) developing financial capacity.
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Beedie School of Business
ATTENTION WORKING PROFESSIONALS! – The Executive MBA in Aboriginal Business and Leadership explores contemporary business issues and knowledge while recognizing that the traditional protocols and ways of understanding the world are also growing and changing as new generations assume responsibility for moving forward. The program includes the core concepts and knowledge included in most MBA programs, but it does so in a context that respects the challenges and opportunities facing Aboriginal businesses and other organizations today.
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Rodgers Investment Consulting
Building Economic Stability for Aboriginal Communities with Investment Strategies for a Prosperous Future. Rodgers Investment Consulting welcomes you to attend the 8th annual Aboriginal Trust and Investment Workshop. The three-day workshop is designed to educate and engage participants in discussion on the fundamentals of Aboriginal Settlement Trusts and investment management.
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In April 2011 Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) revised its Intervention Policy to create a new Default Prevention and Management Policy and developed new tools to support this Policy including the Management Action Plan (MAP) which replaces the Remedial Management Plan (RMP). A Management Action Plan (MAP) is a comprehensive planning initiative to help First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations tackle underlying causes of defaults in funding agreements. This workshop reviews the new Default Prevention and Management Policy and the Directive on Default Management, and examines the MAP Process, and the evolution from RMP to MAP. It also provides a General Planning Guide based on a strategic planning process. Many workshop participants attend this workshop, not only because they may be required to develop a Management Action Plan or are in a form of intervention, but also to broaden their management skills and learn how to avoid intervention.
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