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Powered by Aboriginal Link ®, this highly specialized education portal is fully-dedicated to assisting Aboriginal Students in researching and acquiring educational opportunities. Training resources, skill development, scholarship opportunities, and internships make this site ideal for Aboriginal Students in all stages of their education. AboriginalStudents.ca provides some of the best Aboriginal Student opportunities in Canada.

Opportunities and Postings

Algoma University
Only Anishinaabemowin degree program in Canada
3-year Bachelor of Arts
Basic to advanced level instruction in the Ojibwe language
Gain a functional level of fluency and investigate the challenges posed by the written word

What can you do with it?
Teach the language
Apply to graduate school in the areas of linguistics or Native Human Services
Learn more about your heritage
Increase overall awareness and the publics capacity to analyze Canadian/ First Nations policy
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Lethbridge College
Catch your dreams, and the scholarships to make them real, at Lethbridge College.

We offer many dedicated supports for First Nations, Mtis and Inuit students, including:
academic advising, and personal and career counselling
student lounge and resource centre
spiritual support from Elders and mentors
an FNMI Transition program to ensure personal and academic success
assistance with the funding process
an ENMAX First Nations Wind Turbine Technician Award that includes funding for a living allowance, tools, and books and supplies for our internationally-recognized Wind Turbine Technician 26-week electrician program
other scholarships and awards, listed on our website. Be sure to apply early!

Learn more about our programs and services and get ready to catch your dreams on our campus.
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