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Powered by Aboriginal Link ®, this highly specialized education portal is fully-dedicated to assisting Aboriginal Students in researching and acquiring educational opportunities. Training resources, skill development, scholarship opportunities, and internships make this site ideal for Aboriginal Students in all stages of their education. AboriginalStudents.ca provides some of the best Aboriginal Student opportunities in Canada.

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This 2 day workshop will provide participants with a broad understanding of creating and maintaining good values and ethics within the Aboriginal workplace. The workshop will examine business ethics and how they relate to Aboriginal traditions. Participants will learn the fundamentals of human resource management and how to develop a code of ethics for your organization. We also explore how the issue of ethics impacts governance and accountability as well as all aspects of community and economic development activities.
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eskilon Learning Solutions Inc
Education Without Barriers – Learn in your own environment, your own community, and at your own pace. Remove barriers such as high costs and access to attend outside learning facilities, or having to adjust to new surroundings and environment while attempting to further your education. LEARN AT HOME IN YOUR COMMUNITY and expect a higher success rate! Take part in important cultural initiatives and traditions without worry or gettng behind – you can learn at your pace and within your schedule.
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This two day workshop was designed specifically for elected Aboriginal leaders and focuses on the vital role that ethics plays in their daily lives and the importance of ethical leadership in an Aboriginal setting. The workshop examines rights, responsibilities and ethics, how they interact, and how each influences how Aboriginal elected officials carry out their day to day jobs. It looks at common situations faced in elected positions where ethical issues are at stake, examines critical questions leaders must ask when wanting to make an ethical decision and outlines the essentials for creating an ethical work environment.
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