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The number one business school in Canada, the Rotman School of Management aims to be a world leader in the development of innovative business education. Rotman has all the advantages of its global peers, plus a bold vision that can’t be found anywhere else: an innovative approach built on Integrative Thinking and Business Design.


One of the weaknesses of the traditional approach to business education is that business problems rarely lie within the boundaries of functional areas, and cannot be resolved using the narrow models developed within those boundaries. Today’s business problems sprawl messily across the functions creating a need for managers who can think and act across the boundaries of their knowledge and experience. In short, modern leadership requires Integrative Thinking and Business Design.


The Rotman School trains our students to think across domains of thought, and across the functional silos that are ingrained into the curricula of most business schools. Our students receive a solid grounding in all the functional areas of business, but they also learn how to go beyond them to consider the big picture, approaching each challenge with creativity and a willingness to take risks. Our curriculum is constantly evolving, with the introduction of new courses, content, and approaches. We are developing a new way to think, and we invite you to be a part of it.


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